Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Mother's Day

Gift a Tree and See it Grow

starts at $9USD

Mothers give endlessly, and it’s important to give back to all who nourished us. Rejoice motherhood and help rejuvenate Mother Earth by giving a sapling a chance to grow. 

• The trees are planted in a Miyawaki forest project 

• Tree species information will be shared based on the project location

• Email update (w/ GPS info) sent once the tree sapling has been planted

• Quarterly update with pictures of growth from the project

How many trees do you want to gift?

Plant 2 Trees

Gift recipient will receive a unique qr code along with a certificate of purchase.The qr code can be use to track tree growth for the lifetime of the tree.

Certificate (sample)

Total :$39.00USD

How does Miyawaki’s Method Work?

Miyawaki Fun Facts


More dense with plants, shrubs, bushes and trees of all heights and sizes


guaranteed survivability of every tree planted


canopy forest within a year


Faster Growth Compared to Regular Planting Methods

Testimonials & Praise