White Oak Tree (Quercus alba)

White Oak Tree (Quercus alba)

The white oak (Quercus alba) is important to humans and animals alike. Besides providing valuable timber and acorns, it’s a beautiful addition to any urban landscape or private garden. White oaks can be found throughout North-East America, in states such as Pennsylvania.

White Oaks Can Grow to Massive Sizes

White oaks are identifiable by their lobed leaves with no bristles in the end (which is characteristic of the red oak leaves.) White oaks grow big and imposing, reaching 80-100 feet when fully mature. Trees mature at around 20 years, but they will slowly continue to grow. Because they live for a very long time, old white oak trees can get impressively big.

Their canopy is round, as the horizontal branches of the white oak spread quite a lot. The leaves have rounded lobes and bright green on both sides, even with a blue-ish tint during the summer.

How to Grow a White Oak Tree

White oaks can be quite sensitive to their environment. Choose this species if you want a long-lasting tree and transplanting only when very young. A white oak sapling should be given plenty of room to grow, so make sure not to plant it close to other trees.

The main reason white oak transplants are unsuccessful is that the hole is dug up wrongly for its roots. Dig a wide hole, but don’t make it deeper than the height of the root bulb. The simplest way to plant a white oak is to start it from seed, by planting an acorn during spring.

White oaks need a well-drained, acidic or slightly alkaline soil. If you are worried that the soil on your planting site is poor, you can add soil from under an old white oak tree around your sapling to add some specific nutrients from it. Throughout its growth, expose the white oak to plenty of sunlight and remove the fallen acorns as soon as possible from around the tree.

The King of Trees

Referred to as “The King of Trees”, this sturdy tree can live for up to 400 years, extending its mighty branches towards many generations of humans.

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