Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana)

Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana)

The Quercus Virginiana, otherwise known as the Live Oak, is an amazing seemingly evergreen tree popular in many areas of Texas thanks to its picturesque appeal. In fact, they are the most commonly planted native trees in Texas.

It features glossy, dark green leaves with pale undersides. The leaves usually grow to 2-5 inches long and drop when new leaves begin to unfurl.

It's a Massive Tree

The Live Oak is a massive tree that can grow to 35-40 feet tall. In some cases, it can even reach 75 feet in width. It grows at an average rate of 13–24 inches per year and it can reach maturity in around two decades. Under the right conditions, this tree can live more than 100 years, with some local trees even reaching 500 years.

Planting It Requires More Planning

If you plant it in a residential area, it’s important to consider the massive size the Live Oak will eventually have. These trees require quite a bit of space, so it’s important not to plant it too close to buildings, walks, or even other trees.

When it comes to soil, this tree is extremely adaptable, able to grow in acidic, alkaline, loamy, sandy, and clay soils with ease. It prefers regular moisture, but it’s known to survive some levels of drought as well and requires medium watering.

A Symbol of the South

The Live Oak is perhaps one of the most emblematic symbols of the Old South, which is why this tree is sometimes called the "Southern Live Oak." The tree is traditionally a popular choice in this area not just because of its natural beauty, but also its strong and dense wood. At one point, even the Navy had its own Live Oak forests to build its wooden ships. It’s also the state tree of Georgia.

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