Bubba Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba')

Bubba Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba')

The Bubba Desert Willow is a fast-growing desert willow with a strong vertical form. It doesn't have the same shrub-like appearance compared to other willows. Its foliage is a dark green, glossy color. It can produce very large flowers in spring, usually pink. Some Bubba flowers can also contain a burgundy tone.

It is a deciduous tree, meaning it will lose its leaves during the winter.

It Can Grow Rather Fast

The Desert Willow is relatively small in size, and will only grow up to 25 feet, with a 15-25 foot width. It has a rather fast growth rate, reaching even 36 inches per year, and can reach maturity in only 8 years or so. It can live even up to 150 in the right conditions.

How Do You Plant It?

The tree is drought tolerant, meaning it can thrive in warmer environments prone to dry weather. It requires moist soil but can grow nicely in dry soil with loamy or sandy textures too. That makes it an ideal candidate for the soils in California, as long as it’s not placed too close to the seaside (since it has a low tolerance to salinity). It prefers warmer temperatures and water requirements are relatively low.

Because of its natural beauty and size, the Bubba is a popular choice for residential areas and even personal gardens. If you want to plant it, you should keep in mind these distance requirements:

  • 6 feet from buildings and driveways;
  • 12 feet from trees.

You Can Use It to Build Roofs

The tree supports native pollinators thanks to its vibrant, rich flowers. Traditionally, the wood of the Bubba has been used to make thatch roofs. Thatching is a process of building a roof with dry vegetation popular especially in tropical areas. Today, some thatch roofs still exist to create a rustic look for a building.

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