Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis)

Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis)

Pinus halepensis, commonly known as the Aleppo pine, is a pine tree native to the Mediterranean region.

Aleppo's bark is a distinct orange-red color, with slender, yellow-green leaves. The cones are narrow and broad at the base when closed. They only close due to the exposure to heat, such as during a forest fire.

How Does It Grow?

It’s a rather medium-sized tree. It can grow to around 30-60 feet tall and it has a width of around 24 inches. The size ultimately depends on its growing conditions.

The tree has an average growth rate of 24 - 39 inches per year. It can reach its full height in around 18 years and can live for around 150 years.

How Do You Plant It?

The Aleppo pine grows in rather irregular shapes, making it a better tree for parks and other public places, as opposed to gardens or yards.

As a drought-tolerant tree, it can thrive in areas with moist to dry soil with a clay, loam, or sandy texture. It is the perfect tree for the Californian soil, which is known to carry a combination of the three textures. Its resistance to droughts also means the Aleppo pine has low watering requirements and its maintenance is rather low too.

The Aleppo tree must be planted at a rather big distance from other trees or buildings:

  • 15 feet from a building foundation
  • 8 feet from a driveway
  • 30 feet between trees

Any Additional Information?

The Aleppo pine is a popular tree choice in dry areas with a lot of sunlight, like California, but the tree itself has other appeals apart from aesthetics. Resin from the bark is commonly used for flavoring wine. Turpentine, in particular, holds some medicinal properties and is used to treat the common cold.


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