Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, holidays - what do all of them have in common? You probably need to purchase a gift.

But when you’re juggling through a busy, modern life, you can easily find yourself in a situation where you only have a day or two to find a gift. What then?

Not to worry, here are the best last-minute gift ideas that can save the day!

What is a Last-Minute Gift

A last-minute gift should have at least some of these qualities:

  • Fast delivery (like 1-2 days max);
  • Easy to access or pick-up;
  • Arrive by the time you need to give it.

If you think about creating a personalized painting for your friend’s birthday, while that’s a nice gift, it’s not really a "last-minute gift idea." It’s probably going to take more than a few days to find an artist and create the painting.

That doesn't mean you can't get creative even if you are running out of time. Last-minute gifts are very diverse and can range from subscriptions to various online services to gift cards, and more.

What Is the Best Time to Buy a Gift?

Ideally, you don’t want to come up with the best last-minute gift idea really last minute, like moments away from the time you need to get to the party. It’s always best to have a little more time on your hands and find something that speaks to the person you want to give it, even if it's at the last minute.

So the best time to buy gifts is: it depends. Thanks to online shopping, you can genuinely purchase everything you want any day of the year, even in the late hours of the night. There are, however, some moments you should look out for:

  • Busy holiday seasons, where the delivery may be delayed because of high-demand;
  • Discount seasons, especially pre and post-holidays where stores can offer some pretty impressive discounts;
  • Special campaigns certain brands may offer - again, this may help you get a nice discount.

Some Great Last-Minute Gifts

Think of who you’re buying the gift for: what they like or don’t like, what their passion is, what dreams and plans they have, etc.

The top gift idea on Amazon is this waffle maker. While it looks like a great present for a lot of people, if your friend isn't into cooking or waffles, it may not be the best choice.

Instead, you could look for gifts that send a stronger message, and can be given to just about anyone, whether they're celebrating their birthday, an anniversary or baptism.

Now, you may be wondering "does such a gift exist?" Yes, it does, and you’ll never suspect what it is!

The perfect last-minute gift idea that applies to all these celebrations (and more) is a tree, the classic symbol of life, love, and the eternal.

  • Anniversary - Trees symbolize strength and longevity, so giving a tree as a gift is a great way to commemorate a special anniversary with a loved one;
  • Back to school - Make this day special by planting a tree as a gift;
  • Baptism - Trees symbolize life itself, so what better way to mark a little one's Christening than by offering a tree as a gift;
  • Birthdays - Celebrate someone's birthday by planting a tree in their name. They will surely remember and appreciate this present more than a bouquet of flowers.
  • Graduations - Send a tree as a gift to show how proud and happy you are;

Gifting a tree is a truly unique move that will make just about anyone happy!

Gift a Tree


Did you know you can also give a tree? It’s true! And it’s the perfect last-minute gift idea for nature-lovers who are worried about protecting the environment.

You have two options: you can give a tree as a gift and allow your friend or loved one to discover the art of planting trees themselves. Or, you can plant a tree in their name in an area that really needs it, like the Amazon Rainforest, which lost around 2 billion trees in the wildfires.

Either way, you are making the world a greener place and benefiting from a great, unique last-minute gift idea nobody else thought of!

Plant a Tree Today

If you’re looking for a unique present for someone, send a tree as a gift to make an impression and help save the planet at the same time!

As many as you like!


You’re a hero! You’ve helped eliminate 10 tons CO2 from the environment!

Planting a forest