Gift a Tree for Mother’s Day

Gift a Tree for Mother’s Day

Picking a gift for Mother’s Day can be easy or it can leave you browsing endlessly in the search for that special something that will make her feel appreciated and give her a memory for years.

Many Mother’s Day gift ideas involve jewelry, home decor or personal memories about your family. Other lovely ideas include personalized printables, like engraved wine glasses, agendas customized with their favorite quotes, or a page of the newspaper edition of their date of birth.

When you are looking for that perfect gift, there are many aspects you might consider. Whether you want to give the mother in your life a practical gift or something that holds sentimental value. Showing that you know what they like and need is a great way of expressing your love for them.

But if you want to make your gift extra special this year, try thinking outside the box. What if your Mom or the mother of your children would appreciate something more than a material thing? You can honor her love of nature by gifting a tree.

The Symbolism of Trees

Trees have held deep meanings for humans throughout our history, and many symbols are crossing multiple cultures.

The tree of life is one of the most beautiful myths in human mythologies as it holds strong symbols of religious and philosophical meaning. For a mother, the tree of life can mean strong roots, connection to the world and her ancestors and the beautiful experience of motherhood.

Trees are also seen as guardians of the Mother Earth, which they actually are, in many ways. In this moment of human history, we rely on trees more than ever to keep our planet healthy and prevent dangerous climate changes caused by our industrial activities in the past century.

Gift a Tree

If you want to give something truly special to your mother, planting a tree is a thoughtful, original and meaningful idea. It can also be a fantastic last-minute gift idea if the day has caught you on the wrong foot.

How so? Planting a tree requires a lot of preparation, doesn’t it? Our solution is much easier than you think. You can gift a tree, or even 20 trees, by giving your mother a certificate of reforestation showing that the trees were planted in her honor. A Mother’s Day gift certificate is a truly unique way to show the dearest woman in your life how much you appreciate her care, wiseness, and love.

The gifted trees will be planted in a forest created by following the Miyawaki principles of reforestation. The tree species will be selected carefully and mixed to create a dense forest with fast growth. Your mother will receive updates on the planting and growth. She will also be able to see where the trees were planted and how they are doing.  

As the Amazon needs our help to heal from massive deforestation and man-made disasters, such a project is an investment in the future and a wonderful gift not only to your mother, but to her children, grandchildren, and future generations.

As many as you like!


You’re a hero! You’ve helped eliminate 10 tons CO2 from the environment!

Planting a forest