Celebrate Life: Gift A Tree

Celebrate Life: Gift A Tree

It has been said that “a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

This anecdote has been attributed to an anonymous ancient Greek, a Quaker from the mid-20th century, and even a modern motivational speaker alternatively, but the logic rings true regardless of the actual source. What better way to exemplify this sentiment than to celebrate the life of an elderly person by gifting a tree?

Humans tend to look at the natural world as an extension of themselves; in some cases, this is true. After all, NASA explains that scientists largely attribute the current state of climate change to modern man’s expansion of the Greenhouse Effect as a result of industrialization.

It seems only appropriate that gifting a tree is a perfect alternative to the traditional gifts for retirement, senior birthdays, and even memorials. Older individuals have a greater perspective on the true value of life, which often makes them far more appreciative of gifts that emphasize that value.

With Age Comes Wisdom, and Less Need for Material Belongings

The old saying that age brings wisdom is actually scientifically true, according to brain scans of elderly people compared to young ones; research also shows the wisdom elderly folks acquire with age leads them to place less value on material possessions.

Rather than buying Grandpa a new hat for his 85th birthday, take into account how to make an actual impact on his behalf; the wisdom he’s gained through the years will make that sort of gift all the more meaningful to him.

Older people also tend to already have more possessions than they can manage, meaning that adding to their clutter is anything but welcome in most cases. Gifting an older person a tree regardless of the occasion shows them that they’re cared for without contributing to the mountain of belongings they likely already have, and this sort of gift also benefits elderly loved ones directly.

Making A Direct Impact with A Thoughtful Gift

e popular in recent years, speaking to the fact that more elderly people are starting to enjoy the idea of contributing to life after death in general. Planting a tree to celebrate the significance of an older person’s life is more than just thoughtful, it’s also socially responsible.

Gift A Tree

There’s no denying the obvious and meaningful symbolism intertwined with the act of gifting an People over the age of 55 are generally less concerned about climate change than their younger counterparts; only about 56% of people in this older bracket say they are worried about global warming, as opposed to 70% of people ages 18-34.

However, climate change may impact senior citizens more than any other group of people. It’s not hard to see why this is the case, considering climate change spurs unpredictable extreme weather patterns, and also contributes to the spread of many diseases.

With a higher likelihood for physical frailty and weakened immune systems, seniors are more vulnerable to these ravages of climate change than younger people. This means that although a senior might not be severely worried about climate change, gifting a tree that will help fight global warming is truly in their best interest, and it can be a powerful show of affection for a number of different occasions.

Gifting Trees for Retirement, Birthdays, and Memorials

When retirement finally rolls around, older people are generally so excited to have their working years behind them that they don’t feel a particular need for many gifts. Having a tree planted in a retiree’s name is a thoughtful way to respectfully recognize their years of hard work.

A senior’s birthday usually arrives with very little fanfare. Most people don’t get excited to turn another year older after they enter their 20s, so the last thing that an older person needs is a reminder that they’re still aging. Gifting a tree is a thoughtful way to express affection and give an elderly person a feeling of purpose without making them feel their age too acutely.

As quietly as birthdays in the twilight years may pass, it is, of course, still a somber affair when they end entirely. Planting a tree as part of a memorial for a loved one who has passed on is a beautiful show of remembrance, as well as a powerful metaphor about the cyclical nature of life.

Biodegradable urns that allow a person’s ashes to grow into a tree have becomolder person a tree as a way of celebrating their life; gifting a tree that makes a true impact is simpler and less expensive than many people imagine.

The Amazon rainforest is a critical part of the global ecosystem, helping to regulate the amount of CO2 in the environment; however, research shows that without robust planting efforts, this vast forest will face irreparable damage in the coming years. That’s where projects like Replant Amazon steps in.

For just $9, a tree can be planted in the Amazon rainforest in honor of an elderly loved one for any special occasion. That single tree will eliminate one ton of CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere. For only $42 an entire family of trees can be planted—this cuts a whopping 5 tons of CO2 from the environment.

It has never been more important to dive into these efforts, considering that a deadly 2019 fire season eliminated roughly a billion trees from the Amazon. Amidst all of that death, this program allows for new life to grow, and in turn, supporting these efforts is a powerful way to celebrate any life. Reinfusing the Amazon’s tree population will be difficult, but it’s far from impossible with the right support system.

Older loved ones who have the wisdom of the ages on their side don’t need material items to feel loved on their special days; the best way to show them they are cared for is by making a positive impact on the planet, by celebrating life, by planting a tree.

As many as you like!


You’re a hero! You’ve helped eliminate 10 tons CO2 from the environment!

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