90th Birthday Gift Ideas

90th Birthday Gift Ideas

What can you possibly give someone who has spent 90 years around the sun? How can you celebrate someone who has seen almost everything, from devastating wars to great inventions? What unique present can you give to someone who has seen the world change in fundamental ways through their lives?

Finding creative 90th birthday gift ideas is definitely a challenge. Hopefully, you will find some inspiration in this list.

New York Times Front Page Reprint from the Day They Were Born

This is a great opportunity to learn about the events that took place the day your friend, partner or relative was born. You can personalize the gift by including the name of the recipient and a special message

Browse through this directory to find a New York Times Front page from the day they were born.

The Story of a Lifetime Journal

Someone who has lived to be 90 years old certainly has a lot of fascinating stories to share. Help them preserve their memories with this elegant journal.

There are more than 500 questions in this book, each encouraging a thoughtful response. Your parent, partner, uncle or grandparent will be happy to know that their memories will be kept, treasured, and shared with future generations.

9 Rings for 9 Decades

When it comes to the best 90th birthday gift ideas for women, you rarely can go wrong with jewelry. A gorgeous "9 rings for 9 decades" necklace is a chic and graceful way of marking this special occasion.

Give a Tree as a Gift

A tree may be the last thing you are considering while looking for 90th birthday gift ideas. But, it's the perfect symbol to mark this special occasion and show that person how much you love and appreciate them.

Trees are seen as a symbol of strength and longevity as they can live for hundreds of years. With their roots deep into the ground and their branches reaching toward the sky, trees are also seen as a link between Earth and Heaven, between the terrestrial and the infinite Universe.

Besides its rich symbolism, giving a tree as a gift is also something that future generations will get to enjoy too. Our forests are dying at a fast pace because of climate change and massive deforestation. Planting a tree is not only a way of celebrating someone's amazing life on this planet but also a way of giving back and restoring the world's natural forests.

Gift a Tree!

It's a bit unrealistic to expect a 90-year-old person to start planting trees on their own (although there are plenty of nonagenarians out there who live an active lifestyle.)

You can plant the tree in their name or send a tree as a gift by donating to an organization that focuses on replanting affected areas worldwide.

Give a tree as a gift next time you are looking for creative 90th gift ideas for men or women. They will surely remember it for the rest of their lives.

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